Influencer Marketing

How To Be A Social Media Influencer 

Being an Influencer is not as easy as we think it is!

You probably think that you can try your luck, create a profile, post some photos or videos, and wait for the brands to contact you for a sponsored post. Well, it’s not that easy.. You need to follow the exact steps other successful Influencers have followed.

You need to have a system in place. Check out our Influencer Marketer Program!



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We are affiliated with a digital marketing agency and we help our clients with Influencer Marketing campaigns 

Our agency, NetRev Marketing, works with brands and we have clients around the world. We create Influencer Marketing campaigns and find them influencers. While you can also find your own, it still helps to be a part of a digital agency to ensure proper pays for paid promotions. 

Our goal is to provide high quality Influencers to our clients so we can maximize brand awareness and drive sales. 

If you are new to this and want to become an Influencer, you understand that we first need to build your online presence and we are here for you! 

By joining our Influencer Marketer Program, we will be working with you and help you find brands to work with. 

The Influencer Marketer Program

This program will help you how to set up your social media profiles to become an Influencer. Creating content is one of the things you should do as an Influencer. By joining our program, you can also access training and there many ways on how to make money promoting products online. Let’s do this! 


The Influencer Marketer training guide will show you the way to a successful Influencer career, step by step. You will be able to leverage the traffic of the three most used social media platforms, for profits!


Our cheat sheet is a must-have summary of the guide and makes the process fun and easy to follow. 

You’ll have the entire guide converted into easy-to-follow steps so that you can make sure you don’t miss out on any important parts of the guide.


This mind map gives you a clear outline of everything covered inside the guide.


The Resource Guide provides you with a simple list of all the resources included in the Guide.

This way, you can easily refer to any resource you may need.

Plus Training Videos to jumpstart your Influencer Career!




  1. Introduction to Influencer Marketing 
  2. Choosing Your Niche 
  3. Instagram: The Fundamentals 
  4. Instagram: Let The Games Begin
  5. Instagram: The Next Steps 
  6. YouTube: Setting Up The Systems 
  7. YouTube: Scaling Up 
  8. TikTok: First Steps To Success 
  9. TikTok: Developing Your Strategy
  10. TikTok: Analysis and Goals

Plus, you can potentially get jobs from the brands we work with! 

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